Rebuilding your Life (2)

Dealing with Anger

Have some of these thoughts crossed your mind –

Why did he/she leave me?
How could he/she take away my happiness/home/children/friends?
How dare he/she find happiness without me?

Anger is a normal reaction to divorce. However, it is not a helpful emotion and I thoroughly recommend that you work through it as quickly as possible and start to make a new life for yourself.

What was it about your marriage that made you happy? List the good things about your marriage. If you have your ex partner on your list then take them off. The most important thing to know is that you can’t rely on anyone else for your happiness. It has to come from within. Take the good things about your married life and try and incorporate them in your new life.

Now make a list of all your good qualities (I’m a great one for making lists – they help to clear the mind). List everything that is good about you, both the way you look and your personality, however silly it may seem. Keep the list for a few days and add to it as you think of new things. Then ask your friends and family to add to the list. You’ll be surprised at how other people see you. I recently did this myself and was amazed and flattered at how other people perceive me.

Use the good things that are on your list to write some affirmations (see previous posting).

Now you can build on all these positive things – add qualities that you would like to have and strive to achieve them.


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