Visualisation is a simple but powerful technique that turns your goals from possible to probable.    You need a quiet space where you can be alone for at least five minutes.  This means no phones, no other people, no radio or television.  Sit comfortably in this place and become aware of your breathing.  Slow your rate of breathing down a little, without straining.  Allow your eyes to close without effort.  Select one goal or dream.  Still breathing slowly allow your eyes to look up behind closed lids.  Imagine that you are looking at a television screen inside your head, between your eyes.  See a picture of your chosen goal on that screen.  If you would rather, you can imagine being in a cinema or theatre and looking at the screen or stage.  Have fun making the image smaller, bigger, brighter, dimmer.  Make it as colourful as you can, add more detail.  Be very specific.    Then, whilst you hold that ideal picture, say three times, “This or something better, is now coming my way”.  Then, allow the picture to fade.  Resume your normal pace of breathing.  Allow your eyes to open.  Sit quietly for another minute until you become aware of your surroundings. 

You will find that you have your own comfort level for using visualisation; it will be something between daily and weekly.  Don’t worry if you find it difficult to visualise at first – like all other behaviours and skills, the more you use them the easier they become.

The most common reason for continued difficulty is fear.  You may be deliberately blocking the visualisation for fear that you do not deserve what you visualise, that it will disappoint you when you get it, or even the fear that you will become selfish or greedy.   If this happens, simply create affirmations to deal with your fear.  The only way to create stagnation through fear is to confront it, to act to deal with it and then to ‘let it go’.  When you are ready to look fully and deeply at the source of your fear it will lose its hold over you.



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