What you can learn from a Divorce Coach

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse usually hires their own divorce coach to help them learn to communicate and negotiate more effectively. These coaches are an integral part of the collaborative divorce team. They teach life skills that will form the basis for your post-divorce relationship with your spouse. If you have children, the skills learned from your divorce coach can make co-parenting go more smoothly after the divorce.

Your divorce coach will provide you will skilled help in:

  • Managing your emotions appropriately.
  • Separating your thoughts from your feelings.
  • Thinking through emotionally charged issues.
  • Learning to talk about difficult problems in a businesslike manner.
  • Setting short and long-term goals for yourself, your children and your co-parenting relationship.

Conflict management, creative problem-solving, negotiation and productive communication are among the valuable life skills you can learn with the help of your divorce coach. Your coach can help you identify bad habits and problem areas in your relationship with your spouse and learn to communicate more productively. Divorce coaches help you and your spouse focus more clearly on your individual goals and the positive changes that can come about as a result of your divorce.

Posted By Mike Mastracci – Divorce without Dishonor

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  1. blondblogger

    Great article, and althought I have never been divorced I can say that my best friend is dealing with one now and with some helpful advice from a comment on one of my blogs my best friend contacted the lawyers at http://www.salvaggiolaw.net who is not only helping her through the hardest thing she ever experienced but also directed her to go see a divorce counselor. And no she is not quite divorced yet but with the few sessions she had had with “Beth” she feels like her life can and will continue and that it will be better than it ever was. Well most days she feels that way. So thanks Beth who says “talking takes away the pain”.

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