I’ll never need you….


It is amazing how many people, on hearing that I am a Divorce Coach, say: “I’ll never need you”.  I hope they never do but what steps can they take to ensure that they don’t ever need me?  Many of the people I work with had absolutely no idea there was anything wrong with their marriage until their husband/wife announced it was over.  So what can you do to safeguard your relationship?


The most important thing is communication.  Do you talk to your partner?  Really talk about how you feel, what is bugging you, what you are worried about, what you don’t like about them, what you do like about them?  Do you tell them you love them?  Do you compliment them when they’ve achieved something or they look nice?  Are you totally honest with them?


Do you still make time to go out on dates?  You should have a romantic date at least once a month.  Go out for dinner, see a film, go for a picnic, a walk in the country.  Something just the two of you can do together.


As time goes by do you discuss how you will cope with the changes in life and set goals together (e.g. children leaving home, career moves, relocation, retirement)?


What else can you do to ensure your marriage lasts?



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3 responses to “I’ll never need you….

  1. When most people say they “want a divorce”, they are referring to the whole gamit of related Family Law issues that often go along with the longing to dissolve the marriage.

  2. jamesjgross

    As a divorce lawyer, I find that couples that have a good way to resolve conflicts through communication are able to stay together even through major problems. And couples that don’t have a good conflict resolution method may split up over the most minor problems. http://www.mddivorcelawyers.com

  3. Thanks for your comments. In my opinion the ability to communicate is definately the key to solving most problems.

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