Common Divorce Worries

Divorce is stressful.  There is the stress of the unknown – Will you have to sell the house?  How will you cope alone?  How will you manage financially?  Will you be able to come to amicable arrangements about the children?  Your emotions are all over the place and you are having to deal with the practical stuff too. 


If it was your decision to leave you wonder if you’ve done the right thing?  If you’re the one who has been left you wonder what went wrong.  Remember the one who has left has had longer to prepare and will be further forward emotionally – If you are the one who made the decision then allow your ex time to catch up with you.  If the divorce has come as a shock to you then allow yourself time to come to terms with what’s happened.


One of the biggest worries about divorce is how you will cope financially.  Splitting up usually means less money for both parties.  So you need to learn how to live on a smaller budget, to ‘cut your cloth’ accordingly.  I know it sounds awful, especially if you’ve been used to not worrying about money.  But look on the bright side – it’s true what they say about money not making you happy. 


It’s amazing what can give you pleasure in life – but you have to learn to become more aware, more receptive to what is good about your life.  I bet, if you put your mind to it, you can find plenty of things to be grateful for.


Worrying about your financial situation won’t help.  You need to take control by finding out the facts and moving forward with the divorce.  Find a good solicitor, research what your rights are and make sure you get your ‘fair share’.  Don’t let your ex walk all over you because they are more knowledgeable than you are or you think that because they loved you once they will play fair.  Take action and make sure you are focussed and in control. 


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3 responses to “Common Divorce Worries

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  2. Mrs Ravinder Sidhu

    I am trapped and i see no way out, he uses the children to stay together but he is tormenting me and them.

  3. Dear Mrs Ravinder Sidhu

    I don’t know your situation but there are various people you can talk to. Relate provide counselling if you want to try to save/improve your marriage or if you want to leave your husband but are frightened you can talk to Refuge, who provide safe houses.

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