Divorce Fairs

I’ve just read that the UK’s second Divorce Fair is to take place in Leicester in June.  More details here. 


The first Divorce Fair took place in Brighton (The Starting Over Show) and was a real success.  There was some criticism before the event, with people worried that the show would encourage people to get divorced but after the show the comments were generally good. 


The show was all about providing support and advice to people who were already going through a divorce.   The atmosphere was lovely and I believe that the professionals provided some much-needed support and encouragement to the people who attended.  The professionals included divorce coaches, divorce lawyers, independent financial advisors, and image consultants.  Relate and Wikkivorce were also there.


Anna Pasternak (Daisy Dooley Does Divorce, The Daily Mail) was there and Francine Kaye (The Divorce Doctor) ran a workshop.


I believe that Divorce Fairs are a positive thing – anything that can make a divorce less stressful must be good.  The cost for the Starting Over Show was £5 and I understand that the event in Leicester is to be free.


What do you think – are divorce fairs a good idea?



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4 responses to “Divorce Fairs

  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be subscribing to your posts.

  2. It this true? Is there really a divorce fair?

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