Top Tips for a Successful Summer Holiday

Summer holidays are, like Christmas, a catalyst for divorce.  2 weeks spent in close proximity, away from the usual routine, can spell disaster.  These are my top tips for a successful summer holiday.

  • Find a resort that caters for both/all of you.  If one of you wants a beach holiday and the other wants golf, water sports, sightseeing or history then find somewhere that has both. 
  • Agree to spend time apart doing your ‘own things’ if you have different ideas of a good holiday.  It doesn’t matter if you spend all day apart as long as you spend evenings together (and one person doesn’t end up looking after the kids all the time).
  • If you are  self-catering share the chores.  It is a holiday for everyone.
  • Have at least two romantic dinners on your own.  Find a babysitting service for the kids.  Treat it as a date, hold hands and talk to each other.  Why not flirt – we forget to flirt with each other once we have been married for a while.
  • Leave Blackberrys and laptops at home.  You are on holiday and the office will have to cope without you.   It is absolutely not fine to work when you are on holiday.  You need to relax completely and it is guaranteed to annoy your spouse/partner.
  • Take plenty of books/magazines.  Reading is a great way of really relaxing.
  • Don’t drink too much.  You’re more likely to argue and you’ll waste the next day feeling dreadful. 
  • If you have kids, book somewhere with a kids club and a babysitting service.
  • Why not go on holiday with friends who have children the same age as yours.  You can take turns babysitting and you are less likely to argue in front of another couple.
  • Remember what it was that first attracted you to each other and to rekindle your old feelings. 

Have a great holiday.  Come back refreshed and with a sparkle in your eye!



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2 responses to “Top Tips for a Successful Summer Holiday

  1. Great site, I now have you bookmarked to come back again.

  2. Ezra

    Great article, thanks dude

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