Go for it!

It is important to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.    Nobody else is responsible for your happiness or your feelings, as you are not responsible for the happiness of others or the way they feel.

Many people laugh at ‘The Law of Attraction’ (LOA) but it is true that we attract what we think about.  If you pay attention to what is wrong in your life then your life will be full of things going wrong.  If you pay attention instead to what is working you will notice the good things.  Every day take time to notice what is good in your life.  Notice what has worked, what has gone well, where you have succeeded, what your friends value about you, what has made you smile, etc.  When you look for the good and think about what you do want then good things are more likely to happen. 

Be clear about what you want. Create a vivid picture of the future you desire and believe it can be yours.  Then decide what steps you need to take to achieve that future and take them.   It isn’t easy, it won’t just happen because you want it to.  You will have to work hard to achieve your goals but if you are focussed on what you want and willing to take action it is possible.  If the goal seems too daunting then break it down into smaller steps and move towards your ultimate goal one step at a time.


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  1. Patty

    Thank you for these words of advice. I am trying so very hard…

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