Looking after No. 1

So many people are so busy looking after other people or pursing careers that they forget to look after themselves. But if you don’t look after yourself who will?

Take some time to look after YOU. After all, if you’re feeling great you’ll be better placed to look after others or do a good job. We all lead busy lives and often we don’t take the time to look after ourselves but it is important to take time out and concentrate on yourself now and again. It isn’t selfish to take care of yourself.

Looking after yourself helps you to increase your sense of well-being. Don’t forget when you’re having a great time to take ‘time out’ to appreciate it and really enjoy it.

10 Ideas for your ‘time out’:

1. Have a massage

2. Go to the hairdressers/get a manicure (men too)

3. Curl up and read a good book

4. Listen to your favourite CD or watch your favourite film (uninterrupted)

5. Have dinner with a friend

6. Do something silly!

7. Take 15 minutes to think about all the good things in your life and really appreciate them.

8. Go away for the weekend (without the kids)

9. Go for a long walk in the country/by the sea/in the woods/by a river

10. Have a girl’s lunch/watch football or rugby or cricket with the boys


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One response to “Looking after No. 1

  1. How true. I think this is especially true when it’s just you with the children at home. Not having anyone to share the load makes it even more important to recharge your batteries.

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