Time to move on after divorce

As the old saying goes, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ but it can go so slowly when you’re miserable.   So how can you speed up time when moving on after a divorce?

The first thing is to let go of your anger and bitterness, these will only hold you back and time will continue to drag.  The anger does not give you the strength to carry on, whatever you’ve been told this is never the case, it only stops you from moving forward.

Once you have accepted your new situation and decided that it is time to move on time will start to go more quickly.  But how do you rebuild your life, start to move forward?  The best way is to join new groups and meet new people.  This doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Join a group that has monthly or weekly event – a rambling group, the WI, a gardening group, a reading group, an amateur dramatics group, a choir, a dance class, a local quiz league.   Most of these can be found by Google or at the local library.  Just think of something you are interested in doing or learning and find out where it happens in your local area.  The world is your oyster – decide what you want to do in your spare time rather than staying in.  Most of these groups cost very little to join.

Alternatively you could join a local business networking group.  If you’re working try and persuade your boss that it could bring new business if you attend, if you’re self-employed you will be able to promote your business and if you’re not working you could get some ideas for setting up your own business.  You’ll meet some interesting and inspiring people and possibly make some good friends (I know I have).  Most groups are very welcoming and details of local groups can be found on the internet.

Deciding to get fit can have a dual benefit of helping you to keep trim and meet new people.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Most councils run a fitness scheme of some kind where you can use the gym and swimming pool and attend various fitness classes for a reasonable cost each month.  Some even include racquet sports in the price.  My local scheme costs £19/month off peak and £22/month for peak times.

You are far more likely to meet people that will become friends if you are doing something that interests you.  Once you have things to keep you occupied time will start to move more quickly and before you know it you will have started rebuilding your life.

So why not get on the computer or pop down to your local library and see what is out there.  What is stopping you from moving forward?



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3 responses to “Time to move on after divorce

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  3. As someone who is trying to come through the emotional trials of a divorce, I truly appreciate your posts. I have read them over and over again and I find new value every time I do. Thank You.

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