Guest Post: Going Back to College After Divorce

A divorce is more than a bump on life’s road. It’s often more like a violent car crash, complete with fire, ambulance, and casualties. Recovery can be equally long and difficult. Sometimes it takes years to get back on your feet.

After the pain of divorce fades away, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is regaining your self-confidence. Marriage is a partnership of two people, and sundering that union often leaves each partner feeling less than complete. Financial strain can compound the situation, especially if your former spouse was the bread-winner. The task of braving a cold world of employers with a resume full of gaps can be daunting and unnerving. If this is the scenario you face, it may be time to consider going back to college.

A college degree can make all the difference in a landing high-paying job, but going back to school can also boost your ego and set you back on solid footing, renewing your outlook on life. There’s no substitute for success by way of your own merit. In this way, college can be a proving ground, a way to tell yourself and others that you are ready to face life head-on. Brush off your transcript and evaluate your career goals. You are about to re-enter the world of higher learning.

Forget your preconceived notions about college. It isn’t just for the acne-prone teenage crowd anymore. Community colleges, state schools, and even online college classes all enroll a fair number of adult students. Some schools even prefer more settled adults over restless teens. Adult students take college more seriously, often approaching class projects with more enthusiasm and drive than their teenage classmates. The biggest problems adults face when reentering the collegiate atmosphere are of the financial kind. Financial aid is a bit harder to come by once you reach age 25.

That’s not to say that it can’t be done, however. Paying for college may be a challenge, but it’s far from impossible. Student loans are always an option.  Grants and scholarships are available as well. It just takes time and diligence to find the right option.  Federal funding is also available to adult students, especially those returning to school to obtain a post-secondary degree as preparation for a career change.

Once you are over the financial hurdle, it’s time to begin rubbing elbows with the college crowd again. As rewarding as this can be, it may present some social challenges. You may find yourself explaining to fellow students and staff members why you’ve returned to school after so many years. This may reopen painful wounds from the divorce, leaving you feeling vulnerable and weak. Some people find it therapeutic to talk about past problems and experiences, while others prefer to leave the past behind, buried safely and securely.

If you fit the latter description, there’s no need to get into the details of the divorce to explain why you’re back in school. The self-betterment or simply looking for a new career is reason enough for anyone. Talk positively about your goals and dreams, and focus on the future.  Chances are your peers will be more receptive to your positive attitude anyway.  Most people are very willing to accept you as you are now, and not as you were
before or during the divorce. Live in the present and never worry about the past.

Each college credit you earn will be like a building block or paving stone along your new road of life. Slowly and steadily you will begin to get your
traction, navigating your way to success and prosperity. Knowledge will be yourvehicle and independence and accomplishment will serve as your fuel. Get ready to start your engine. A new life is waiting up ahead.

Bio:  Marina Salsbury planned on becoming a teacher since high school, but found her way instead into online writing after college. She writes around the Web about everything from education to exercise.

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One response to “Guest Post: Going Back to College After Divorce

  1. Nic

    Live in the present and never worry about the past. SO TRUE!:)

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