Guest Post: Using a Dating Site after Divorce

It takes time to heal and feel like a whole person again after a divorce.  Even if the divorce was amicable, you definitely need to take some time to find your identity once more.  You are no longer someone’s husband or wife; you are an individual with single relationship status.  Once you give yourself the proper amount of time to grieve and move forward, you may feel ready to get back in the saddle again.  Dating sites can offer the perfect venue for you to meet and date brand new people.

A lot of your friends may still be married or coupled, so it can often be difficult, when you suddenly find yourself single, to be paired up with anyone.  Dating sites certainly can help you branch out and meet people outside of your own circle.  That is often the best part about dating online, since it offers you the opportunity to meet people you normally wouldn’t meet.  But be sure you are absolutely ready before jumping back into the dating pool.  If you are still carrying emotional baggage from your marriage, you should definitely wait before you rush into anything.  Starting to date before you are ready will only set you up for failure.  We all have certain triggers that can be activated when someone new can say or do something that reminds us of our last relationship. Do yourself and your future dates a favor, by making sure you are emotionally and psychological strong enough to start seeing someone new.

Obviously divorce is painful and jumping right into a brand new relationship is probably not healthy for you emotionally.  Find ways to grieve; get support from your friends and family, and most importantly, take time out for yourself.  There is a new relationship on the horizon, and it’s with yourself.  Take yourself on a date so you can feel comfortable in your own skin as a single person.  Only when you are feeling confident and certain that you are ready to start socializing again can you begin to investigate the best dating sites out there and prepare the way for your new dating life.

Once you find someone you’d like to date, take things slowly.  As difficult as it may be, try not to compare this new person to your ex.  Your marriage is over and if you are now feeling confident enough to date, you have to give this new person in your life the benefit of the doubt.  If everything your date says and does reminds you of your ex, perhaps it would be better not to date this person.  You are starting from square one; keep your expectations low and the fun level high.  Things between you and your date don’t have to take a serious turn immediately.  Just go out and enjoy yourself, relax and have some fun.  You deserve it!


Author Bio: Debbie Lamedman is highly sought after dating expert. She frequently shares her insights and stories on the dating blog



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6 responses to “Guest Post: Using a Dating Site after Divorce

  1. Online dating is also more practicable for the recently divorced as there are fewer time constraints, the individual can simply log on whenever they have a spare five minutes.

  2. You’ve got great insights about dating,meeting peple,how to find a date, keep up the good work!

  3. Very nice article, definetly after divorce could be too much hard “jump” into a new relationship, as your’re writing. Dating sites could be very useful for a person. I loved your article!

  4. Some people like living life without a partner. You don’t have to be one of them. But you do have to prove to yourself that it is something you can do, so that when you do agree to a date it is because you are interested in the person you’re dating and not because you’re tired of feeling lonely and willing to settle if it means you’ll have someone warm beside you in bed.

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