Guest Post: Getting Your Professional Life Back After Your Divorce

Many women throw their heart and soul into making their marriage a success. They spend years of their life devoting everything they have to maintaining their home, raising their children and caring for their family in every way. They give up their own professional dreams and aspirations for the sake of their family and marriage. Unfortunately, many marriages today end in divorce, which leaves many women asking, “What now?”

Set New Goals

After a divorce, many women must re-enter the workforce to provide financially for themselves and sometimes for their children. Some women may have a college degree, but others may not. Even those who do have a college degree, however, may not have the same goals in mind for a career that they had years ago when they went to college. Life does have a way of changing your interests. Because of this, it is necessary to do some soul-searching and consider what you really want to do with the rest of your life.

Get the Ball Rolling

After you have decided what professional path you want to follow, you next need to decide how you will get from your current point in life to where you really want to be. In many cases, this may involve heading back to school and earning a new degree in the field of study that interests you. This can be an expensive prospect, but student loans are available to make going back to school more affordable. Use a student loan calculator to estimate how much you need to borrow for your courses. You can also consider applying for scholarships and grants to make college more affordable. Get started with this preliminary work right away to avoid delays enrolling in your classes.

Find a Part-Time Job

Many women who are entering the workforce after a significant time off have limited work experience. If you are considering entering a new field altogether, you may have no work experience at all that is relevant to your current career aspirations. Further, you may also have the need to earn income while going back to school. By searching for an entry-level, part-time job in the new field you are considering entering, you can earn much-needed money and get real-life work experience in your field. This experience will help you to qualify for a better job after graduation.

You may find yourself in a position you never thought you would be in. Divorce can be emotionally traumatic. However, as one door in your life closes, another one opens. You can use this opportunity to find professional success and even to pursue a new field that interests you.

Author Bio:  Amanda Green is a guest blogger who has written on matters of both a personal and professional nature. Hope you enjoy what she has to say


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