Guest Post: Effects of divorce on Family and children

The effects of divorce can be devastating on a family. At times couples tend to think that the divorce is their personal affair and only they are affected by it.  They forget their children are also going to be affected.

Divorce is often associated with domestic violence, scandals, humiliation, confrontation, misunderstanding and confusion.  In these circumstances the children are likely to be effected.

At times the ongoing conflicts between the parents become too much for the children to absorb thus making it difficult for them to think straight.  Divorce has been the biggest social problem since the beginning of the modern society. If you research the divorce facts about the USA, you will find that almost every second marriage ends in divorce.

It is noted that children from divorced, battered families are more likely to get divorced as adults in comparison to the kids from united families. The effects can be either psychiatric issues or emotional breakdown.

The following are some of the effects divorce can have on children:

  • Negative or Aggressive behavior:  At times, children are not able to accept the changes. Everything  in their life will change starting from the family structure and including going to school or living in a new place. They are confused with all these changes and are not able to think straight. They can develop an aggressive behavior and start bullying kids who can’t defend themselves.
  • Decline in Academics Performance: Due to the  mental rollercoaster ride caused by divorce, children are often not able to concentrate on their studies leading to poor academic results and deteriorating interest in studies.
  •  Emotional Breakdown:  Children at times develop the feeling that they are the prime reason behind the separation of their parents and start blaming themselves. This leads to loneliness and sadness in the child’s life.
  • Panic attacks:  Witnessing conflict and fights can cause children to experience panic attacks. They can also get stressed and might even develop suicidal tendency.

With day to day conflicts, tensions and misunderstandings it gets difficult for two people to live together. Sometimes the reason behind divorce, like extra marital affair or addiction can lead to severe conflicts in the house and becomes too much to handle even for a grown adult. This can lead to addictions like alcohol and substance abuse.

Divorce also affects finances as the family now has to live on a single person’s earning with a limited financial support from the divorced spouse as alimony.

Author Bio:

I am Lisa Levis. I am law graduate. I have been working as a content writer since March 2010. I have written on wide variety of topics comprising of car dealers, wedding, finance, divorce. Now I am writing on divorce statistics but mostly on after divorce.


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  1. Yes, it’s so important to communicate with your kids during a divorce! Many of the problems you outlined can easily be addressed but if a child doesn’t know how to talk about it or get help then it can lead to lifelong problems. Good things to be aware of.

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