A Road Map for Navigating Your Divorce

Every step of divorce from the moment you consider your marriage may be over to the signing of the final divorce agreement is awash in emotions such as confusion, fear and anger.  Especially in the early stages, where does one turn for guidance and support?

Navigating Your Divorce: The emotional, financial and legal basics”, is a free easy-to-read guide that  offers a road-map through the myriad of topics, questions and decisions that you will be facing.

Unlike any other book on the market, this ebook is not only free and easily accessible; it also offers a unique 3-pronged approach to negotiating this challenging time.  In collaboration Karen McMahon, Ivy Menchel and Deborah Hrbek have created this valuable resource with the intention to help thousands of people who are looking for guidance in this area.  The combined years of experience and scope of expertise of these authors provides priceless insight and guidance for those in need.

With dozens of resource links throughout the book, you have access to a wide variety of tools and strategies to help you through the choppy emotional waters, the critical financial decisions and the sometimes-overwhelming legal options that come with this stormy season.  It is their hope that you will find comfort, guidance and encouragement in the pages of this book.

Karen McMahon, Certified Divorce Coach is the founder of KM Life Coaching and co-author of “Navigating Your Divorce: A guide to the Legal, Financial and Emotional Basics”, a free eBook. Karen’s passion is to work with men and women going through the divorce process; helping them navigate the difficulties while focusing on personal growth and embracing the opportunities that lie ahead. Connect with Karen on Twitter (@KMLifeCoaching) or Facebook (facebook.com/kmlifecoaching).


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