Guest Post: Going on a ‘singles’ road trip

Whatever your age, sex or occupation, taking a road trip with like-minded single friends or new acquaintances can really blow the cobwebs away, inject some new enthusiasm and joie de vivre and set off on a new course in life, especially if you’ve been having a difficult emotional time of it lately. There’s nothing like some physical activity, new surroundings and new people to make you realise that there’s a whole world out there just waiting for you to explore it.

With a wide variety of cheap car rental available, there’s nothing to hold you back from planning and enjoying the perfect road trip this year, and there are plenty of locations to choose from.

Canada, Australia and the USA are ideal for this sort of thing, but you don’t have to go all the way there to do this because anywhere with open spaces and reasonable roads can offer a variety of different landscapes and enable you to get a real feel for the country you’re in.

The first step is to decide who you want to accompany you on your life-changing journey. They have to be up for some fun for starters, and prepared to take the rough with the smooth because there will inevitably be times when you’ll just be driving along for hours, so a great sense of humour and a willingness to go with the flow will certainly help as well.

On any road trip, whether you’ve planned a schedule and itinerary down to the last detail or are just planning on seeing what comes along, you’ll need to have a definite return date, so a minimal amount of planning will be needed for you to take in as much as possible and not end up with a destination holiday rather than a proper road trip.

You’ll also need a budget and be determined to adhere to it. All these things can be worked out during shopping trips and long lunches beforehand, and are a great way of getting up some team spirit and fully participating in the preparations. You’ll all be stuck together during the trip itself, so this will be a good dry run for checking that you’ll all work together okay during the real thing.

The car will need to be thoroughly checked and the right level of insurance taken out. These are dreary matters, but if you break down in the middle of nowhere you’ll need to be able to get help quickly. Then it’s simply a matter of packing supplies and food and snacks, along with a map of the route and a selection of music that everyone’s happy with.

A ‘singles’ road trip is a great adventure. When you think that simple things like changing your bathroom can have a refreshing effect on your life and general outlook, this sort of holiday has the power to completely transform your world and set you on a vibrant new course.

You’ll really get to know your new or old friends and swap all sorts of life experiences with them, see unknown places and even cultures and discover also new and unsuspected strengths and powers of enjoyment within yourself. Road trips are proverbially spiritual journeys as well as just physical ones, and have a real transforming quality.

Author Bio:  David Elliott is a freelance writer who loves to travel, especially in Europe and Turkey. He’s spent most of his adult life in a state of restless excitement but recently decided to settle in North London. He gets away whenever he can to immerse himself in foreign cultures and lap up the history of great cities.


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