Guest Post: 5 Ways to Manage Your Heartache

There is no recipe, no remedy to heal the pain of a broken heart. There is no time table or magic wand to take away the sadness. Heartache comes in all shapes, sizes and lengths. Divorce is never easy even if you are the one that wanted it more, it still hurts. Here are a few ways to help you muddle through the ache:

Keep busy: The best advice anyone has ever given a broken heart is to keep busy. That means taking each day and filling it with things to do. Your main focus on keeping busy is to get your mind off of the pain and focused onto something better. Pick up a that hobby that you have always wanted to do, take music lessons, volunteer once a week with those less fortunate and exercise daily. These little activities will give your heart and soul something positive to look forward too. So start filling up your schedule and keep busy.

Friends: During this hard time you may experience the feeling of not wanting to be around anyone but that will not help your situation. Set up fun dates with your friends once a week, again this is something that will give you something to look forward too. Laughing is the best medicine sometimes and a night with your friends will help you laugh again.

Don’t dwell: Your goal is to get in the right mindset and to keep positive. It is so easy to think about your sadness and question yourself with all the “what if’s” and “what could have been’s”, but you have to stop your brain from wandering down that lonely path. You are the only person responsible for how you feel. If you want to feel happy you can, you just have to choose to be. It is okay to have moments every now and then where you just break down and cry but don’t let it become a daily habit.

Exercise: There is only so much pain, anger and sadness that one person can handle. It is sometimes overwhelming to figure out how to express and get rid of all that. This is where exercise comes in handy. Not only will you be burning calories but also stress. Any former heartach-ee will tell you that daily exercise was therapeutic in their healing process.

Seek Help: There is only so much our loved ones can help us with. It is wise to seek help from a professional who can help you deal with your emotions. There are many different kind counselors and therapists who are trained in helping their clients through times like these.

Time heals all wounds, it may take weeks, months or even years but you can get through it. All you need to do is to make time to be happy, keep busy and talk about it with a professional. Take each day at a time and remember that this too shall pass.

Author Bio:  Nancy Parker was a professional nanny and she loves to write about wide range of subjects including  Health, Parenting, Child Care, Babysitting, Nanny, etc. You can reach her at: nancy.parker015 @


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