Guest Post: Getting Through the Holidays

The holidays are coming up and when it’s is typically a fun time for most, this year it seems that you have a bad case of the winter time blues.  Whether you have children involved or not, it’s going to be a tough time. The holidays are a time when you are with your loved ones, laughing and creating many memories; it’s easy to get down.

We tend to focus on either the really good or the really bad during the holidays. We let our minds and hearts wander down memory lane, either reminiscing the good times or the really bad times. There is never a middle ground. It takes a lot of patience and talking to yourself to get your mind off of your ex.

You hear a song, see a gift, find his/her favorite ornament etc and the memories come flooding back. The best way to get through the holidays is to take the present by storm. Embrace this new holiday alone and make your own memories. Start a tradition that will make you happy, like seeing a Christmas play with friends, cutting down your own Christmas tree or going to holiday parties. Get rid of your old traditions that you had with your ex and make new ones.

Get busy and get moving. Rent the movies you want to see, make the food you want to eat, spend the holidays with those who make you laugh the most. Try new holiday cocktails or get lost in the busy shopping malls. Jump in to the holidays face first and don’t be afraid to go overboard.

There is no need to keep the hate or pain in your heart during the holidays or ever. Take a step back and look at the big picture. You may have had a few good times and a few really bad times together, but that is over now and you have loved and learned. Focus on the children, your friends and your family. Take deep breaths and when you find yourself feeling down, take a moment to yourself, think, let go and get back into the action of the holidays.

Keep busy and keep moving. Surround yourself with those who love you and all of you. Remind yourself of what is happening in front of you and not what you are missing out on. Get excited for the new and fresh start! It’s going to be fun and your new year is awaiting the new you! Happy holidays!

This guest post was provided by Allison Foster. She has a solid writing resume that includes blogging both personally and professionally and regular freelance writing and photography jobs. She has enjoyed furthering her writing career with


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